Guesthouse Life

When I’m in Tokyo, I stay in a guesthouse called Oakhouse Kamata.

I think it’s great; it’s very new and clean, it’s got plenty of amenities (like the massage chair I’m currently sitting in), the people are really fun and it’s close to useful things like a train station and shops.

However, in a lot of ways it feels like I’m living my first year of university all over again.

  • My room is tiny and I sleep in a single bed. Unless, of course, I fall asleep on the couches in the common room.
  • There is always someone ready to get drunk and stay up talking until four am. Which is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time.
  • I’m broke. The only difference is that this time the government isn’t slipping me a little bit of money every week.
  • My sleeping habits are very weird. Like, really weird. I hit snooze on my alarm for three hours yesterday. The day before, I accidentally took a four hour nap in the evening then stayed up all night.
  • My eating habits are very weird. I had pasta for breakfast, a meat bun for dinner, and a bunch of mini chocolates at 1am.
  • My work habits are very weird. I can do absolutely nothing for four days, then bang out a week’s worth of work over two days.
  • I spend a lot of time squinting at my computer and tapping away at the keys. Then deleting everything I’ve written. Then typing it out again. Then deleting it, closing my computer and going for a beer.

I guess the big difference is the bit of paper I get at the end.

When I finished university I got a degree. When I finish here I get a plane ticket to Hanoi.

The plane ticket was a LOT easier to get.


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