A Student’s Hopes For Her School Trip (A Poem)

Not really a poem, but this essay about this girl’s upcoming school trip to Okinawa is so poetic that, once I finished laughing, I had to share it here…


I go to Okinawa by a school trip eight in May.

I was Okinawa it is and there are three things.

Blindness in one eye is getting to know sadness and pain in war in Peace Memorial Park.

I am ordinarily late in the life now. But those who have the family who passed away in war think that have to appreciate the present life more if you think that it is alive while carrying the past on the back every day.

The second is feeling the nature of Okinawa with the whole body.

I would like to look at the ecstatically shining sun and the sea whose transparant coral reef can be seen by my eye.

The time of returning from Okinawa the body whole body I would like to make it deep black.

The third is buying many souvenirs.

I would like to also eat mach fruit.

Since there is much favourite food when it goes to Okinawa, it grows fat.

A school trip is uncanny and I am pleasure.

I would like to make much recollections with a friend.


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