Happy Friday!

Have I mentioned I love my job? Like, I 100%, totally and completely love what I do for a living.

Of course there are moments in which I bang my head on my desk. No job is perfect.

But more often I have moments which just make me explode with happy.

This week I got paid to sing songs (Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes, BINGO and My Hat it Has Three Corners), read picture books (Brown Bear, Brown Bear), tell people about New Zealand, dance, make alphabet shapes with my body, devise quiz games, talk about pets, play games and study Japanese.

Possibly more importantly, I’m doing something real. I get to teach English! Not just in the classroom, but at lunch, in the playground and (amusingly) in the staffroom. I really love my coffee machine English lessons.

As I left school today, three six grade girls ran after me so they could have a chance to say goodbye before the weekend. They saw me cycle past and actually sprinted to catch up with me.

How cool is it that I work with people who are so enthusiastic about what I do (and me!) that they would run down the street to keep practicing?

That’s all for now; happy Friday everyone!




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