Christmas in Tokyo

So we rang in Christmas morning in one of the world’s top clubs–which was strange and amazing–and made it back to the hostel around 7am.

I got a few hours sleep, then had to get up again to celebrate Christmas with my amazing family in Sydney. I had a good long Skype with everyone at Beach Road and despite being so happy to be here in Japan, I was a little sad that I couldn’t spend Christmas with them.

Santa san left stockings!

While I was on the phone, the boys woke up and wished me a very bleary-eyed merry Christmas. They were a little alarmed by my unabated Christmas genki, and only let me wear my Santa hat to lunch because they were too hungover to fight me about it.

Ed was not happy about how Christmas-merry I was...

Christmas lunch was in Denny’s (I was horrified) and was pasta and orange juice. Weird.

After lunch, we went for a walk around Asakusa which was disappointingly everyday. It was very strange to be out of the house for anything except church on Christmas, especially with all the shops open, and it felt thoroughly unChristmassy. Especially since I was the only one wearing a Santa hat.

I bought myself some earrings for Christmas, and the shopkeeper kept saying how “Santa san cuto” I was, which made up for it.

We took a good long nap before getting dressed up and heading out for Christmas dinner. I jazzed up my dress with my Santa hat and a huge string of tinsel. The boys were good enough to play along with my insane Christmas-related demands and wore nice shirts and pants.

We were lucky that our friend Stephen was in Tokyo for Christmas too, and he kindly invited us along to Christmas dinner with a group of his Japanese friends. Admittedly it was in a yakiniku (Japanese barbeque) restaurant with no ham, turkey or mince pies in sight, but they were very welcoming and it was reassuring to be with a big, loud group on Christmas.

At least Yui appreciated my tinsel!

Christmas dinner!

After dinner Mike, Stephen, Ed, two of the Japanese girls and I walked through Shinjuku and looked at the Christmas illuminations, before huddling into a warm but truly terrible “English pub” for a Christmas toast.

To a weird and wonderful Christmas, with weird and wonderful friends.

Christmas buddies!



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