5+ A Day

I was at my secondary elementary school today, and I was teaching fifth graders fruit words.

I had some of those big cards with pictures of fruit on them, and I was going through them having the kids repeat the words after me.

I got to “peach” and the picture was uncomfortably buttock-like. I kept a straight face and most of the class faithfully repeated “peach” but one kid read my mind and said, totally deadpan, “shiri”. I didn’t need to know the word to have a bit of a guess at the meaning.

I had to quickly flip to “grape” to avoid laughing at bum jokes in front of fifth graders, but I have a horrible feeling they saw right through me.

The good calls from the fifth graders didn’t stop there though.

I got to “apple” and one kid, instead of saying “apple” like the rest of the class, sat up and said “Steve Jobs”.

That kid will go far.


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