Kiwis Crash Tak

Or: a quick account of Kirsty and Antz’s visit to Takamatsu.

Kirsty sent me a message a little while ago to say “I’ll be in Osaka in two weeks. See you then?”

I thought she was making stuff up, but turns out she and Antz just got really cheap last minute tickets to Japan and I would be seeing them shortly.

After my demo class on Friday, I whizzed to the station to hire some bikes and pick them up. I managed to use my superb Japanese (haha) to get myself a rental bike card then managed to find them with a minimum of fails.

On Friday night we went for dinner with a bunch of my friends here. There may have been nomihodai. There may have been karaoke. There may have been Jenga and tequila at Amazon. I wouldn’t like to confirm or deny any of those possibilities.

We had a bit of a sleep in on Saturday, then—as the weather was a bit rubbish—we went to the shotengai and just strolled around. We did purikura because it’s essential, and there is nothing funnier than three white people looking like aliens and wearing cat ears.

We met Leandi for lunch and had udon to show off our local specialty. Even I get a bit proud when people say they like udon now.

The weather had cleared a little by this point, so we cycled out to the lighthouse and admired the Seto Inland Sea.

We made it to Ritsurin Koen in time for sunset and it is SO beautiful now! It’s always a beautiful place to be at sunset, but because there are lights up for a matsuri now, you can stay past dark and see the park all lit up and magical.

After a ramen dinner (we ordered by colour and I think it worked out well) we jumped a train to Marugame for a dork party in the clubhouse.

The clubhouse is an old warehouse type space which is rented by an ALT in Marugame and literally used as a clubhouse. People show up with food, drink, books, music, whatever, and just party or hang out or crash. It’s every little kid’s dream come true.

The party was excellent, but because Kirsty and Antz had an early bus the next morning we took the last train home.

I farewelled them at the bus stop early the next morning and I was very sad to see them pull away.

Kirsty suggested that they just stay and move in with me and, as appealing as that thought was, this weekend confirmed my suspicions that my apartment is really only made for one.


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