Three things… in Japan!

We’ve all done those vaguely annoying three things quizzes via email, but I’ve never done one in Japan. I figured it was a quick and superficial way to summarise my life here.

Plus my class just got cancelled again, so I have some free time.

Three things that scare me (in Japan):
1: Gaijin traps (giant ditches on the side of the road which invite dumb foreigners on bikes to fall in).
2: Second graders.
3: Mukaede (though I’m yet to encounter one).

Three people who make me laugh (in Japan):
1: Ninth graders. Cheeky tramps all of them.
2: My BOE supervisor.
3: The people who make those awesome teeshirts with hilarious mistranslations on them.

Three Things I love (in Japan): (this one is really hard to narrow down)
1: The food.
2: The people.
3: The travelling.

Three Things I hate (in Japan):
1: Being frustrated when I don’t understand.
2: Natto.
3: The banking system.

Three things I don’t understand (in Japan):
1: Japanese.
2: Why my address isn’t real.
3: My job.

Three things on my desk (in Japan):
1: Omiyage (including an energy drink (?))
2: Notes for today’s lesson.
3: Some Japanese picture books.

Three things I’m doing right now (in Japan):
1: Marking.
2: Facebooking.
3: Worrying about my demo class this afternoon.

Three things I want to do before I die (in Japan):
1: Climb Mt Fuji.
2: Go skiing in Hokkaido.
3: Speak Japanese.

Three things I can do (in Japan):
1: Entertain small children.
2: Use chopsticks (to the amazement of nearby Japanese people).
3: Mime what I want.

Three ways to describe my personality (in Japan):
1: Gaijin (which makes me inherently weird and interesting).
2: Genki (especially with my shogakko sei)
3: Relaxed. Trying to understand what is going on is futile. Just let it happen.

Three things I can’t do (in Japan):
1: Speak Japanese.
2: Dip my sushi the right way. The fish falls off when I try.
3: Juggle. But I’ve never been able to do that.


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