There has been talk for a while of getting into some sea kayaks over on Shodoshima (the beautiful island close to Tak) but last weekend finally found a few of us on an 8.30 am ferry to the island.

Ryan, a high school teacher here, is friends with Yama-chan, who runs a sea kayaking tour company so they had organised a half day trip for us.

The weather, which had been looking threatening earlier that morning, turned out to be perfect, and we spent a few hours out on the water just mucking around. We stopped on a little island with a shrine to skip stones and drink homemade chai tea.

Dad, I can finally skip stones; aren’t you proud of me?

When we came in off the water, Yama-chan and Ryan said that some of their friends were having a BBQ at their house in the hills and invited us along.

Michi and Eiji have a beautiful house with a big verandah which overlooks the Seto Inland Sea and we spent the rest of the day eating delicious food (homemade sausages and fresh-caught crab) and speaking a fun mixture of Japanese and English with a really cool crowd of people.

Kazuna and Dashi, who I have met a few times before, lived in New Zealand for a while, and it was great to reminisce about Wellington’s nightlife, and meat pies.

It was amazing to be welcomed into such a warm crowd so easily, and especially nice to have a BBQ outside on a beautiful evening cos that’s what I miss about NZ!

We had a bit of a mission making our ferry, but we managed to catch it and made it back to the city okay.

I was so tired that I passed out after a brief Skype, and without managing to set my alarm, which made this morning a bit of a disaster.

I think Mondays are karmic balancing of awesome Sundays.


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