Things that make everything better

I had a bit of an up and down day yesterday. I started off tired, which is never a good start, and my ni nen sei (love them as I do) were being even more mental than usual.

I was planning to escape from my san nen sei after kyushoku and hide in the office instead of playing onigokko, as I wasn’t feeling all that genki so, once I was done balancing a spoon on my nose, and pretending not to know how to eat bread, I grabbed my tray and made for the door.

As I got to the door, however, a little hand grabbed mine through the mob of children around me and pressed something into it.

Natsuko's Card

And just like that, my day turned around.

I dumped my tray in the office, changed into my outdoor shoes and spent the next twenty minutes running and screaming with third graders pretending to be oni.

That afternoon, after my last class, I was sitting at my desk in a state of sheer exhaustion and bewilderment (elementary school does that to me). One of the teachers, who has written me a cute little note before, and professes not to know any English, came over and sat next to me.

She had brought me a box of beautiful wagashi–incredible handmade sugar sweets which Kagawa is quite well known for. She showed me the sweets, and the book which explained them and said “present for you, Miss Hannah”.

The beautiful box of sweets

If I had been a little bit more tired, I would have cried. It was the nicest thing she could have done, totally spontaneous and so so generous.

I was totally lost for words. Arigatou gozaimasu didn’t seem to cut it and I don’t have enough Japanese to express myself.

These two gestures reminded me exactly why I love Japan so much and totally made my week.


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