Marugame Castle Party

One of the biggest events in the “foreigners in Shikoku” calendar is the Marugame castle party.

Essentially this means we all went to Marugame (about half an hour by train from Takamatsu) where there is a beautiful old castle, stood NEAR the castle and had a party.

I had a great time–the castle is awesome, I saw some great people, and we all went dancing later–but once again, my highlight was one of the oddities of the night.

On the way to the train station at four (ish) the next morning with Ryan, Rachel and Mika, I heard salsa music coming from the top of some stairs. Naturally I still felt like dancing, so I ran up the stairs and into what was either a private function or the smallest bar ever.

Anyway, we bought a drink and had a dance with some nice old men from Peru, and some lovely young girls from the Philippines. I had a great time, and was very sad to leave our new friends when we decided to go and get our train.

Rachel said, with a certain exasperation, as we left the bar that they were obviously snack bar girls or prostitutes, and in hindsight, I would have to agree with her.

We all still thought they were lovely, but Rachel then spent a lot of time shaking her head and saying things like “Ryan! Don’t you know who they were?” and “This is the real world!”

I think her quote of the night was said while shaking her head sadly at Ryan, whose morals she had obviously called into question.

“He was fine until he danced with prostitues…”

I had a fantastic night, but was feeling less than superb when I arrived back in Tak at 6.30am to find my bike locked in the lot and the sun glaring with all its early-morning-sun-in-Japan enthusiasm.

That’ll teach me…


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