English is English too…

One of the constant battles I fight at work is that between English English and American English.

I am more than happy for the kids to write in American English, but there is a definite feeling in my office that American is better.

I corrected “roofs” to “rooves” the other day, without even thinking about it. After a discussion with my JTE and some consultation with my friend Google, we established that both were right, so she crossed out “rooves” and wrote “roofs” in again. Same thing happened with “travelling”.

Doing dictation today I said “In New Zealand you must not smoke until you are 18” five times in a row. I could see that the kids were struggling with “you are” so I slowed it down and said it a few more times. Still no luck.

With a sigh and an inward cringe, I gave up. I put on an American accent and said the sentence again. Immediately the kids wrote in the words.


The cherry on the “American is better cake” though, would have to be when I was being asked to sing something at takaichisaii, the school festival.

“Wow, yeah! That would be fun! What should I sing?”
“Maybe your national anthem?”
“Hmmm okay. Maybe that would be boring for the kids though?”
“Yes, you’re right. You should sing the American national anthem!”


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