Osaka Ho!

Last weekend being a long one, Friday night after school, Ryan, Leandi and I jumped a bus to Osaka. It was raining heavily and I had decided to cycle to the station, so I was sopping wet, but aside from that I was obnoxiously excited.

We hadn’t been in the city more than an hour when we were set upon by some drunk Japanese guys who were determined to have a drink with some gaijin. They took us to a little bar off the shotengai and proceeded to buy us drinks and shout names of All Blacks at me. One guy was so excited by the picture of dad and Brad Thorn that he kissed it. Sorry, Dad.

Our strange new friends took us to a night club with the oddest selection of music where we high fived, did the running man and danced until four in the morning. An auspicious start to what proved to be an epic weekend.

Other highlights included:

  • The giant ferris wheel at Hep 5. It’s huge AND on top of a building so we were really really high up. I was super happy about this until Leandi started rocking the capsule.
  • Karaoke with Alex and Minty and some Osaka JETs we picked up in a bar. Yes, I sang High School Musical and yes, everyone complained.
  • Claw machines. I do NOT want to know how much money I put into them over the whole weekend, and I may have developed a small addiction. But I can stop any time. Honest.
  • Purikura. See earlier post.
  • Coming out of a crazy nightclub to find the city in full daylight. Then going to MacDonalds for breakfast. The breakfast itself was not a highlight.
  • The Ceramics Museum. Not joking. There were some snuff boxes and some plates and stuff.
  • Umeda sky tower. Awesome view of the city, crazy UV floor and some super long escalators.
  • The Mexican Fiesta we accidentally found ourselves at. This may have been my top highlight. Salsa dancing in Osaka, in a massive crowd of Japanese and Mexicans with a Brit and a Saffa while mariachis played may have been culturally confusing, but it was amazing.
  • The Osaka Aquarium. Best Aquarium Ever. They have a whale shark, and capybaras and otters and giant spider crabs and dolphins and rays and a billion different kinds of fish.

Overall I declare the weekend a MASSIVE success, despite my now empty wallet and the flashbacks to dancing onstage in a nightclub.

Don’t worry, Osaka. I’ll be back.


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