Email of the week

I had this little gem from my supervisor at the Board of Education (remember the cool but tired guy). None of us are quite sure about the references he makes but we enjoy it nonetheless!

Takamatsu 17 members,

Hello! How are you doing?
Weary and feeling blue?
Cheer up! You do not have to sigh.
Please smile and laugh and spread worms and insects from your mouth.
There are tens of thousands of women in the world.

Today I have an information
about the compensatory holiday for City Speech Contest held on 23rd.
Only 4 hours.
If you are told to come to the City Speech Contest
by your base school English teacher,
and you would like to see it, please have fun joining it.
It will be your mission, and write it on your job report.

Please take 4 hours of compensatory holiday in October.
Of course, tell your base school teacher
about taking FURIKAE(4 hours) for speech contest .
  /\ o(^-^)o o(^-^)o o(^-^)o o(^-^)o o(^-^)o


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