Things that are weird about Japan #8:Cleaning time! (Soji!)

One of the things that totally blows my mind in Japan is cleaning time at school. After the kids have eaten their kyoshoku and gone out to play, it’s cleaning time. Everyone gets involved and, armed with a broom, a damp rag or a duster, they clean the school for fifteen minutes.

This is awesome because, as the kids know they have to clean it up, the school stays really clean. I’m lucky because my base school is very new, but I remember the mess we made at primary school and this is the total opposite.

It also gives me a chance to muck around with the kids. Yesterday we had rag races: crouch down, put your hands on your rag, then push off and see how fast you can run your rag across the floor. Today found me singing “Barbera Ann” into a broom while sweeping a classroom.

I thought it was crazy when I first heard about it, but I’m actually kind of a fan of soji time now!


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