Elementary School

Since my last post about how amzing these kids are and how fun and awesome and easy it is, I confess that I’ve had a couple of mixed reactions.

From the fourth grade class who stared at me in silence for forty five minutes, and the first grader who cried when I tossed him a soft toy, to the sixth grade girls who drew me pictures and the fourth grader who got into a karaoke-off in class, it’s been a bit of a surprise every time.

The exact same slide show can garner a weird range of reactions from kids. Some get super-gooey over the picture of Archie, others scream and cackle when pictures of my friends come up. Some classes get really excited by a picture of kiwi fruit, others by the comparison between New Zealand and Japan’s populations, and almost all of them go ballistic at the picture of the mob of sheep.

My first fourth grade class (the dead silent one) left me exhausted and depressed, but the second one was totally exhilarating. The twenty minute first and second grade classes can wear me out just as much as the fifty minute ones, which have occasionally been too short to get through all the awesomeness.

I think that’s going to be one of the biggest pluses and one of the biggest minuses about this job. No two days will ever be the same which will make each day fun and surprising, but i suspect its going to kick me in the ass more than once.


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