Miss Hannah, your cute

After school yesterday I was studying at my desk when a student walked into the office. I always look up at students and smile when they come in, but since they are almost never there for me I usually don’t listen to them.

This particular student, however, kept shuffling closer to me and eventually got up the courage to mumble “it’s for you, Miss Hannah” and hand me a little folded up bit of paper.

I thanked her and took it, and managed to get her class number (8-2) out of her before she disappeared.

In my hand was the cutest little note I have EVER seen.

It was all highlighter pink and had “Miss Hannah, your just so CUTE!” written on the outside. The note itself explained that she was was from Philippines, and spoke a little English.  My favourite part was at the end where she’d written “I think we should be friends, if it is okay with you.”

I was so pleased to have such a lovely little letter that I showed it to my desk neighbor (and any other teacher that walked by).

I also posted about it on Facebook and texted my friends.

I was totally freaked out about starting junior high school but now since I know I have at least one fan, I’m pretty stoked.

Plus, apparently I’m cute.


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