Beautiful Lady

Weird thing about Japan #6: I’m a hottie!

Seriously, in this country, I’m considered beautiful. It’s awesome! All of a sudden, being that weird, pale kid has become a good thing! All those years of people putting sunglasses on when I stripped down to togs, and making fun of me don’t even matter anymore. An old woman stopped me on the street today to tell me that I was a beautiful lady. And she wasn’t even a crazy old bag woman looking for a cigarette or a dollar, she was a nice woman who just thought I was beautiful.

Other notable examples include the proprietor of a French restaurant who came out of the kitchen to call me “kawaii” (cute), and some girls in an onsen who said I was “soo pretty”. Yes, we were naked at the time.

So to all you people who laughed at me for being strangely pale all through my childhood: Ha.

I freaking love this country.


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