I am a Japanese whiz!

Yesterday, I asked a man for directions and ate tapioca.

These things may seem unrelated, but they both connect to my superness in Japanese.

Sienna and I got a little bit lost looking for a store, despite having a map with the store marked on it, so I marched up to a man and said–quite loudly to make up for my terrible Japanese–“Sumimasen! Bic Camera wa doko desu ka?”

We handed him our map and he rotated it several times making “humm” noises.

I just about passed out when I understood his response. I didn’t even care that he was telling us we’d gone totally the wrong way, I was way too excited that he’d understood me and I had understood him.

Later that evening, at a casual function at the New Zealand Embassy, I asked a passing waiter “kore wa nan desu ka?” and was so thrilled that she understood me that I took the proffered tapioca and ate it.

Probably won’t do that again.


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