My New Favourite Person

As expected I had an email from my contact on the Takamatsu City Board of Education a couple of weeks ago.

I had expected a very dry, formal note to accompany a copy of my contract and some details about my job. Instead, I have been receiving these delightfully written emails from someone whom, I suspect, is my new favourite person.

To begin with, his self-introduction was so quirky I couldn’t help but be charmed.

I’m XXX XXX from Takamatsu City Board of Education.
(cool and nice JHS teacher but now working at the Board, 47years old, have two daughters, busy guy & tired, sorry to say I use strange English but warm-hearted, etc)

There followed some information about the orientation in Tokyo and a little about the schools we would be working out. He ended with this description of Takamatsu:

Not a big city, but a nice place with nature, I think.

His next email reminded us, in case we could have forgotten:

It’s XXX, cool but tired guy, again.
Sorry to say, my English is bad, but fun to read(I hope).
Anyways, I was happy to hear from you last time.

And also showed us the jokey side to his character:

You may be waiting for the airmail from Takamatsu with anxiety, passing an anxious nights. Just kidding.

How could I not love this guy?

When I emailed him back to thank him for his communication, he felt obliged to say something complimentary:

Beautiful country, New Zealand, I like it!

I heve never been to NZ, though…

What a nice guy!

I emailed him with a question about how I ought to address him–he was going for “Hannah-sensei” while I was being ever so familiar and referring to him only by his last name. His response?


Happy to hear from you.
Don’t worry be happy. I know you’re a polite lady.

But my absolute favourite quote so far was this:

These days it’s getting humid in Takamatsu.
But it’s not the end of the world. Don’t think so negatively.
Each apartment has the airconditioner, refrigerator.
Please do not sleep inside of the frige,though.
Keep in touch this week, anyways.


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