Watashi wa Hannah desu


I’m going to Japan!

After submitting an application in November that made forests around the world hate me; sitting through an interview that made me want to throw up with  nerves; paying alarming sums of money for medical tests; and waiting for what seemed like forever, I was finally offered a place in the JET Programme.

I will be living in a city called Takamatsu, in Kagawa Prefecture on the island of Shikoku. The  metropolitan region has about 670,000 people, so it’s a good sized-city, and apparently it’s really famous for udon noodles, so I’m pretty happy with my placement. It’s also, for those who are concerned, quite a long way away from Fukushima.

Takamatsu-shi is on the second island from the bottom.

This year the placement lists were really delayed, so from when I got the call last Wednesday telling me I definitely had a place in the programme, I only have six weeks to prepare.

My list of things to do seems insurmountable, as it includes things like:

  • sell all furniture
  • develop language teaching techniques
  • learn Japanese

but I’m really excited and can’t wait to get on that Tokyo-bound plane.

Watashi wa Hannah desu. Dozo yoroshiku!


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